Best of Polaris

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Best of Polaris™ is a holiday raffle of gift baskets filled with gift cards and other goodies from businesses in the Polaris area.

100% of the proceeds of the raffle – over $30,000 from 2009-2014 - benefited 
People in Need of Delaware County (PIN). PIN is the premier Delaware County agency to assist people with essential life needs. It provides food, clothing, medical and dental assistance, rent, utilities and other critical aid.

Last year, PIN provided 51,000 meals and almost $350,000 in direct assistance to individuals. Eighty-six percent of the people accessing the services of PIN are employed or have a stable source of income but are unable to make ends meet.


RAFFLE TICKETS: $5 each or 3 for $10. Available in October and November from any Lewis Center/Polaris Rotarian.


DRAWING DATE: Friday, December 4, 2015. Winners of the 2015 Best of Polaris™ holiday raffle will be announced here in December.

To become one of the “Best of Polaris,” merchants in Lewis Center and the Polaris Commerce Center have donated gift cards and other great prizes for the holiday raffle.


SPECIAL THANKS TO these merchants who donated more than $100 of services to the Best of Polaris raffle in 2014.


  1. Rita Stevenson ($1,349.47 value)
  2. Steve Carmichael ($877.00 value)
  3. Lois Olson ($823.00 value)
  4. Nancy Fay ($463.00 value)
  5. Art Duckwitz ($368.00 value)
  6. Rita Stevenson ($328.00 value)
  7. Maggie D’Amico ($315.49 value)
  8. Don Staas ($315.00 value)
  9. Maggie D’Amico ($335.00 value)
  10. Rita Stevenson ($321.00 value)
  11. Lee Smith ($295.99 value)
  12. Joe Skorbek ($231.99 value)
  13. Dave Blakeslee ($202.97 value)
  14. Carol Zamzoro ($202.99 value)
  15. Lisa Hominga ($196.00 value)
  16. Lori Engler ($120.49 value)
  17. Robert Johnson ($108.47 value)
  18. Debbie Flowers ($117.49 value)
  19. Roy Lydic ($116.50 value)
  20. Maggie D’Amico ($105.50 value)
  21. Karen McCash ($105.00 value)
  22. Larry Spees ($95.00 value)
  23. Trevor Warren ($300.00 value)
  24. Don Owens ($52.00 value)
  25. Andy Hookman ($52.00 value)
  26. Rhonda Peterson ($52.00 value)

Best of Polaris is a registered servicemark of the Lewis Center/Polaris Rotary.



Best of Polaris 2014 Merchants